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Letters of Credit

With Access to Export Ltd. managing your Letters of Credit, we can boost your export sales, allow you to access more export markets, reduce bank charges and improve your cash flow.

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Import Services

We provide advice or manage your imports ensuring you follow the correct procedures and offer worldwide door to door import services.

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Export Compliance

Every company that exports any product needs to fully comply with current export control regulations. We can help you to achieve full export compliance with the latest regulations.

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Export Documentation

Access to Export Ltd. will help you to ensure all your shipping and export documentation is correct and accurate or alternatively, we will prepare any documents required on your behalf.

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Foreign Exchange Services

If you’re trading globally in international currencies, speak to us to discuss how you can improve profit margins and get a much better deal on your foreign exchange rates.

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International Shipping

Access to Export Ltd. will recommend and arrange the most suitable transportation method for international shipment of your goods through our trusted network carriers, partners and agents.

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Incoterms® are a set of globally used trade terms defined by the International Chamber of Commerce designed to define the responsibilities of various aspects of international transactions.

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Export Order Processing

When your company receives an export order, the first step is to review and establish what actions are needed to ensure efficient processing of that order.

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Export Management Services

Access to Export Ltd. is able to provide a full range of export management services and if required, a totally integrated export office. This is particularly attractive for small companies that cannot justify staffing their own in-house office.

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Export Training

Access to Export Ltd offers export training across many areas of export activity, ensuring your company has awareness and understanding of the procedures and documentation associated with international trade.

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