Customs Clearance

  • Are you looking for a third party to handle all your export and import declarations?
  • Has your freight forwarder asked you to arrange customs clearance for your shipment?
  • Do you require a T1 document so your shipment can transit EU countries?

Whether you are exporting or importing goods, you will need customs clearance when they leave or arrive in the UK. You might also need transit documents depending on the route your goods are taking. We can arrange clearance and transit documents for you.

An export document being stamped APPROVED

How we can help you with customs clearance for your exports and imports

If you instruct us to handle customs clearance for your exports and imports, we will provide a full management service, meaning you can relax knowing you are meeting all your customs obligations. We will:

  • Review your commercial invoice for an export shipment and advise on any missing information, or for an import shipment, review your supplier’s commercial invoice and liaise with them directly for missing information;
  • Complete customs clearance application forms on your behalf;
  • Arrange your export and import declarations via Chamber Customs;
  • Coordinate transport and routing information and arrange any transit documentation as required.

Freight and Courier Services

Alternatively, we can provide competitive quotes on freight and couriers, using our established network of trusted contacts. Your customs clearance might end up being cheaper if you opt for us to manage your entire shipment for you. Clcik on the link for more information about our freight and courier services.

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