Working with Letters of Credit

  • Do you or your staff need an understanding of Letters of Credit and how to use them in your international trade business activity?
  • Do you want to start trading with countries where Letters of Credit are mandatory but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you looking for either in person or remote training for yourself or your team?

Letters of credit are a secure way of your business being paid by your customers for your export sales. They can be invaluable – and sometimes necessary – when engaging in international trade. However, they can also be very complex. This session cuts through the jargon, providing your business with all the “must-know” information you need to start working with letters of credit.

How our Working with Letters of Credit training can help you

If you or your team requires a better understanding of using letters of credit in your international trade business activity, look no further than our Working with Letters of Credit training session. This half-day session covers:

  • What letters of credit are and when they should be used
  • Different types of letter of credit
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using letters of credit
  • The letter of credit process
  • Common letter of credit terminology
  • Introduction and awareness of UCP600 rules
  • How to ensure a letter of credit is workable
  • Preparation and presentation of documents
  • Discrepancies and remedial actions
  • Common errors and how to avoid them

We can deliver this training session in person at your offices, or we can deliver this remotely via video conferencing software.

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