How to Use Incoterms in International Trade

  • Do you or your staff need a better understanding of Incoterms and their purpose?
  • Do you fully understand the risks and responsibilities associated to each Incoterm?
  • Are you looking for either in person or remote training for yourself or your team?

Having an understanding of Incoterms is essential to any business engaging in international trade. This introductory session provides an overview of these global trade terms, what they mean and how and when to use them.

How our How to Use Incoterms in International Trade training can help you

If you or your team requires a better understanding of Incoterms, look no further than our How to Use Incoterms in International Trade training session. This 2-3 hour session covers the fundamentals of:

  • What Incoterms are and what their purpose is
  • What Incoterms do not cover
  • Structure of Incoterms
  • How to incorporate Incoterms into sales contracts
  • How to select the correct Incoterm
  • A more detailed look at the most common export Incoterms
  • Sea freight only Incoterms
  • Responsibilities for all Incoterms
  • Incoterms to avoid for export

We can deliver this training session in person at your offices, or we can deliver this remotely via video conferencing software.

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