Export and Import 101

  • Does your business aspire to engage in international trade and you need to learn the basics?
  • Do you have new staff in your international trade team who you want to get up to speed?
  • Are you looking for either in person or remote training for yourself or your team?

If your business is new to international trade, or you have new staff who are unfamiliar with the basics, our Export and Import 101 session offers a fantastic introduction to all the key considerations when exporting and importing.

How our Export and Import 101 training can help you

If you or your team requires a better understanding of export and import processes, look no further than our Export and Import 101 training session. This 2-3 hour session covers the fundamentals of:

  • Documentation required for export
  • Commercial invoices and the information they need to contain
  • HS codes
  • Country of Origin and Preferential origin
  • Duties and taxes
  • Export and import declarations
  • Record keeping and proof of export
  • Introduction to simplified procedures
  • Export controls and licensing

We can deliver this training session in person at your offices, or we can deliver this remotely via video conferencing software.

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