Training - We can train you to do the work yourselves

We offer training across many areas of international trade, which can be delivered remotely or in person. Whether you are looking for an introductory overview or something more bespoke and tailored to your business, we can help. Explore our training offering below.

Export and Import 101

If your business is new to international trade, or you have new staff who are unfamiliar with the basics, our Export and Import 101 session offers a fantastic introduction to all the key considerations when exporting and importing.

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How to Use Incoterms in International Trade

Having an understanding of Incoterms is essential to any business engaging in international trade. This introductory session provides an overview of these global trade terms, what they mean and how and when to use them.

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Working with Letters of Credit

Letters of credit are a secure way of your business being paid by your customers for your export sales. They can be invaluable when engaging in international trade, but they can also be very complex. This session cuts through the jargon, providing your business with all the “must-know” information you need to start working with letters of credit.

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Tailored Training

If you have a bespoke training requirement in any area of international trade, we can design tailored training sessions to meet the needs of your business.

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