Letter of Credit Services

  • Has a customer asked to pay by letter of credit and you’re not sure where to start?
  • Are you receiving discrepancy notices for your letters of credit?
  • Do you need help setting up a letter of credit and preparing compliant documents?

We offer a range of Letter of Credit services, from checking documents for compliance that you have produced yourself, through to a comprehensive set up and management service.

Letters of credit - documentary credit

How we can help you with Letters of Credit

On average, it is estimated that 75% of documents presented for payment against Letters of Credit are discrepant. This can be because the documents are not prepared in the correct way, there is a lack of knowledge of the Letters of Credit ‘rules’, or because, in many cases, the Letter of Credit has not been set up appropriately in the first place. We can help by:

  • Checking drafts of the Letter of Credit and providing feedback on terms to ensure the Letter of Credit is workable before it is issued;
  • Liaising with banks and customers to arrange amendments to Letters of Credit that have already been issued;
  • Finding a bank in the UK to advise your Letter of Credit and add their confirmation if required
  • Preparing compliant documents for presentation against the Letter of Credit. This may involve producing the documents ourselves, liaising directly with Freight forwarders or arranging attestations or legalisations on your behalf.
  • Providing a checking service to ensure compliance with the Letter of Credit terms before documents are submitted, if you prefer to produce the documents yourself.

Unlike some companies, our Letter of Credit fees are not simply proportionate to the value of the Letter of Credit. We charge an hourly rate and record all of our time spent, meaning you only pay for the work we do.

What happens next? Book your free, 30 minute consultation today!

We offer new clients a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation to discuss your Letter of Credit requirements in more detail. Prior to the meeting, we will ask you to provide a brief summary of the situation, along with any commercial documentation already available, e.g. purchase order, proforma invoice or draft letter of credit.

The meeting will be held virtually over Teams (or preferred video conferencing software) and will give you the opportunity to provide some background and further detail as needed. We can then advise on any issues or considerations, as well as options we can provide for supporting you moving forward.

After the initial consultation meeting, we will summarise the support we feel would best suit your needs, so you can confidently proceed with a Letter of Credit knowing you are supported.

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