Exporter Checklist

When exporting and trading internationally, it is vital that the correct processes and procedures are used and the appropriate export documentation raised to ensure that all transactions are accomplished correctly and in a fully compliant manner. As an exporter, you should be able to correctly answer all the following questions otherwise you may not be exporting correctly!

  • Who is responsible for declaring the export to HMRC?
  • How do we correctly declare our exports?
  • Do we need an Export Licence?
  • Should we arrange and pay for the freight?
  • Should we arrange and pay for transit insurance?
  • Are we using a secure method of payment?
  • What payment options are available?
  • Are our shipments correctly packed, marked and labelled?
  • Is our packaging compliant with the export market requirements?
  • Are our products correctly classified under the appropriate commodity code?
  • Are our exports correctly valued for customs purposes?
  • What is the Customs Status of our goods?
  • What is meant by goods in Free Circulation?
  • Do we issue the correct export documents?
  • Are all our export documents correctly prepared?
  • Should we charge VAT on our Invoices?
  • When should we issue a Certificate of Origin?
  • Do we understand how to correctly determine goods origin?
  • When should we issue a Movement Certificate?
  • Do we keep the correct records?

If you do not know the answers to all the above questions, please get in touch as we can help! We are always happy to have an initial free of charge and no obligation discussion, to show how we can get you on the road to full compliance.