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If you’re trading globally in international currencies, speak to us to discuss how you can improve profit margins and get a much better deal on your foreign exchange rates.

Foreign exchange services - Currency exchange board

If you are involved in international trade, the chances are high that you may need to deal in foreign currencies at some point.  With this comes the inevitable risks of losing out to currency fluctuations and ever-changing exchange rates.  This makes it difficult to confidently predict profits and manage cash flow.

We often hear of the experiences that companies suffer through noncompetitive exchange rates offered by banks, that puts an unnecessary dent in profits.  It’s frustrating to see businesses lose out by feeling like they have no other option but to convert currency payments at their bank’s conversion rates.

There is however another way.  You can mitigate the risk in dealing in foreign currency and make sure more of the hard-earned profit ends up in your pocket and not somebody else’s!

Foreign Exchange Specialists

We are very pleased to be able to partner with Currency UK, an award-winning foreign exchange specialist who provide bank-beating foreign currency exchange rates. Currency UK provides a range of solutions to safeguard your company from financial loss in your export activities and boost profits at the same time. And much like ourselves, Currency UK offers foreign exchange services tailored to the individual.

Protect Profit Margins

Through their partnership, Access to Export and Currency UK are dedicated to proactively supporting exporters in expanding their global reach and accessing new markets while protecting their profit margins. Just some of the benefits Currency UK can offer include;

  • Free currency consultation
  • Currency accounts in 40 major currencies
  • Quick and secure same-day payments
  • A platform that allows you to trade 24/7
  • Hedging exchange rate risk

Award Winning Forex Services

Amongst other awards and accolades, Currency UK were awarded Best Money Transfer Provider at the British Bank Awards in 2018. They also won the category of Most Transparent Broker at the World Finance Forex Awards in the same year. So, you know you are in safe hands when it comes to foreign exchange services.

If you’d like to know more about personalised and innovative currency exchange solutions, you can get in touch with us for an introductory chat.

Companies should be rewarded, not penalised for trading on an international stage. The foreign exchange solutions offered by Currency UK allow you to do just that.

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